The first step in setting up your business with Fitli is to get some of the 'configuration' details out of the way. This step includes setting up your business hours, telling us what types of things you do as a business, adding authorized users, etc. Once you've set these things up, typically you don't need to revisit them unless things change.  
Let's get started!

Head to the Admin Section

First, head to the 'Admin' section, which is found under the 'Admin' tab in the upper right section of your business account in the toolbar.

Now that you're there, let's get started in each section.

Business Information

In the business contact section, you'll see the same information from when you signed up. If you need to change it, you can edit/update the information here.

Business Profile

The business profile section is your 'outward-facing' profile that clients and customers see when they view your business profile on Fitli. You can edit or customize your business profile information, choose the types of classes/services you offer in the checkbox sections, add your business hours, or update/add your business logo.

Note the 'Profile is Viewable and Searchable' slider/checkbox. This is one of the MOST important settings on Fitli. If turned off, your business is invisible until you're ready to launch. Once turned on, clients/customers can see your business. When you are ready to launch your business, you'll return here to click 'YES' and you'll be live!

Business Billing

In business billing, you can update your business credit card on file (what we use to charge your monthly charges) and can switch to a yearly plan to save money!

Note that this billing section is DIFFERENT from the customer billing section - where clients enter their credit cards. Each customer has a customer credit card section as well in their Personal Profile.

Credit Card Processing

You're probably wondering - how do I get paid? Well in the credit card processing section, you can edit/update your business bank account information you provided when you signed up (if you turned on credit card processing). This is how we know how to pay you! :-) We only display the last 4 numbers in the account number for security purposes.

If you did NOT activate credit card processing or enter your financial information at the time you signed up, you can do it here now. Then, you'll get a notification that your payment account is in process and activated, generally within a few hours. If we require more information we'll reach out via email.

You might ask - how soon until I get paid? Typically a payment will be deposited into your account within 2-3 business days.

Business Tools

Another important step in getting your customers to sign up and book with Fitli is to connect your business website. The first step in that process is becoming familiar with the links we offer to send clients to your calendar, and to your payments process.

Book Link:

To get started with sending clients to your Fitli schedule, you can copy the link under 'Business Tools' -> 'Book Link'. This link is what you can use to send clients DIRECTLY to your Fitli schedule of classes.

This link is also what you can use to get started building the integration between Fitli and your business website.  Read more about building the integration!

Appointment Link:

This link will provide you with a way to direct your clients right into the appointment setup process - they choose a time, date and appointment service and can get scheduled right away (note that this only works if you have appointments turned on).

Buy Link:

To get started with sending clients to your payments section, where they can buy packages and memberships, copy the link under 'Buy Link'.


Self Check-In Link:

This link is a separate self check-in portal where your clients can check themselves into a class by entering their last name and searching for their upcoming booking. Note that this ONLY works if the client is already booked, and there is a 2 hour time window prior to the class where they can check themselves in.

Request Review Link:

Instead of waiting to book a client or customer into a class, and waiting for them to leave a review, you can prompt clients to leave reviews for your business. Use this link to post on social media, in emails, anything you'd like. When clients click and then sign in, they're prompted to leave you a review.


Here at Fitli, we let you control WHEN your clients can book and cancel - so you don't run into problems where clients cancel or book when you don't want them to! Just 'activate' the desired policies by clicking the checkboxes, or edit the policy to set the correct time frame.

Example: If you want to limit clients to NOT be able to CANCEL within a 24-hour time window prior to classes, you would edit the 'Class Cancellation' policy to '24 hours' and turn it on.


Your Fitli business account can have multiple users associated with it - this is very helpful if you have a co-owner, several trainers, front desk staff, etc. Each user can have a different level of 'access' to your business account as well!

Adding a new User, Setting Access Level, and setting Availability

To add a new user, click the 'Add User' button in the upper right, then configure their account with their personal information. If the user is going to be available for private appointments, make sure to set their availability in the pulldown menus.

Your business users can have roles associated with them, that define what they can and can't do as users. You can allow a business user full access (Owner/Professional), trainer full access (Professional Full Access), or limited access (Professional Limited Access).

Roles and their Fitli privileges:

Adding available times:

Adding Services to be bookable by a User:
Another part of being available for appointments is to choose which SERVICES the user is able to be scheduled for. Until we create those services in a later step, however, nothing will be shown in the 'Services' pulldown menu. Come back here after the later step and choose the bookable services.


To get started in booking/scheduling classes on your Fitli calendar, we need to know WHERE the class or appointment is happening! This is where you create your locations/facilities in the system. To add your first facility, or add others, click the 'Add Facility' button to get started. Complete the required information, then you'll be able to add your classes to the calendar with the new location!

Creating a new facility is easy, add the name, your location, and a general capacity (you can set specific class capacities later), along with a description. The facility description gets sent to the clients when they book a class and receive a reminder.

Notification Settings

The 'Notifications to Business' section is where YOU control what types of messages you'd like to get from Fitli. These are typically messages about purchases, customers signing up, i.e., business types of messages. You can use the checkboxes to turn on or off any messages you want or don't want to receive.

Note that customers have their own locations where they can customize notifications for their messages as well - this section only manages messages between your business and Fitli.

Appointment Configuration

This section contains options relating to whether or not your business does appointments (private appointments), or only classes (group classes). If you allow clients to book appointments online, you'll want to check the top option. And, you can turn on/off the ability for clients to view the class calendar.  The last option for available appointment start times determines if you want clients to be able to book appointments with you on the top of the hour only (XX:00), every 15 minutes (XX:15), or on the bottom of the hour (XX:30).

Waiver Configuration

If you have a requirement for your customers to read, or accept a waiver prior to purchasing a membership or booking a class, you can set this up in the Waiver Configuration section.

-To require clients to have to accept a waiver, turn ON the first option.
-To require clients to have to click the link to review the waiver, turn ON the second option (we can't make them read it, but we sure can try!)

Then, you have two options to present your waiver - either host and display it on the Fitli site/app, OR you can link to your waiver offsite, in the cloud, on your website, etc.

If you choose to have Fitli host and display your waiver, just copy and paste the content, along with a title, in the Waiver text boxes shown below.


To read more about waivers and how to set them up, please read our detailed Waiver Setup Guide.

That's it for the Admin section of the Getting Started with Fitli Guide - you're already part of the way there!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out and contact us at

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